Reply To: Copying a site from 1 URL to another

Jamie Marsland

Hi Rebecca,

The site looks great ..well done :)

Because you are using canvas this is quite easy.

Go to existing website

1) Go to Tools/Export. Then Export all content to a file. Save file to PC.
2) Go to Canvas/Back up settings. Download Export file to PC.

Go to new WordPress website..

3) Upload and activate the Canvas theme.
4) Go to Tools / Import. Import all content from the file that you saved in Step 1 above.
5) Go to Canvas/Back up settings. Browse and upload the file you created in Step 2 above .
6) Re-select and click save your menu as the Primary menu. Found in Appearance/Menus.

That should be it. I have sometimes found that you need to upload your slider images again, but test first.


ps is that kilimanjaro ?

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