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Joanna Price

`Hi again

I was just searching the forum to see if there was already an answer to my problem and came across my own entry from a couple of years ago so thought easier to ask here.

Gravity forms with sticky list has worked well for a couple of years but recently I had to re do the website with Storefront as Canvas was too old. Big job but made easier with your page builder, thank you. However I have one remaining glitch and it is related to the previous query re users being able to edit their previous forms. Sticky list no longer seems to work.

I have rebuilt a page using pagebuilder. I use one row for some text then a separate row for the shortcode for the sticky list. I have all the settings for sticky list in gravity forms as I want them but it either shows me a blank page or I get an error 500 message. I have tried uninstalling all other plugins then reinstalling them one at a time but nothing seems to make a difference.

Any ideas?

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