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Hi Jamie,

Don’t know if you saw the response I sent by email (I replied to email copy of your forum message, but it bounced as realised after was no reply address. But did then substitute your email address so actual message still under Delivery Failure subject …. Reason did was only had mobile and FYI could not manage to find how to login to your website so could reply in Forum on mobile. Ok on iPad).

Anyway I have now had a chance to look at what you mean on computer, so a bit clearer and will have a go at what you suggest and try updating Themes and using your Menu Customiser again. Just to be sure, I should Cut and copy the CSS from Canvas Display Options and paste it into the right place in that Plugin (have not yet installed), right? (Was watching some of your Pootlepress Academy last night – there you recommend Firebug and Jetpack for working with CSS in WordPress. Just so not confused, do you still recommend these too? For something different or does this Simple Custom CSS play the same role as the Jetpack CSS option?)

Also asked in email you may not have seen if you had noted my query re possibility of a WordPress Xpress day (by Skype – I will be in Italy) with you early next week? I know it is a long-shot that you are free, but worth asking …

Thanks. Tiffany

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