Reply To: Pootle visual editor widget not working


Hi Jamie,

That would be hard. The most recently added plugin is Collapse-O-Matic and de-activating that would mess up a lot of my content.
Other plugins that I’ve added (other than Canvas Extension – Menu Customizer / Canvas Extension – Page Builder for Canvas / Canvas Extension – Page Customizer) are:
Cookie consent (need this for legal purposes)
Wordfence Security (essential!)
WP-DBManager (need this for backup)
Yoast SEO (could deactivate temporarily)

Because I need to be changing this widget that contains Twitter asap, I’ve been deleting the widget and making a new one (getting the Twitter code again from the Twitter account) to include the changes I need. But again, once it’s made I can’t access it again – it gets stuck trying to open as before.
This doesn’t happen with any other widgets – it’s definitely something to do with the Twitter script for the Twitter button.

Any thoughts?

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