Reply To: Hypothetical question: Canvas 6


Thanks Jamie, that makes sense. I guess I should have been more direct and asked whether pootlepress, as a company that have obviously invested a lot in Canvas, believe it has a future?

I’m still using it, and still love it and think that it’s great – absolutely no doubts about that – but I suppose like a lot of people I look occasionally for a bit of reassurance that I’m doing the right thing without at the same time getting too distracted by fashions or what happens to be the coolest product right now. So I’m not sure what alarms me most about Canvas: the fact that it’s almost disappeared from any recent reviews of theme frameworks (I can’t even find a review of it post 2013-14, at which point it was holding its own against Genesis), or the sense that nobody seems to have noticed. Even Woo seem – imo – to be half heartedly telling people that they’re still committed, but I’m feeling unconvinced as to why a company would let one of its core products fade away if they intended to keep updating it :(

Of course I’ll give 18Tags a spin, but am I right in thinking that your page editor works with Genesis too? If so, is it a direct equivalent to Design Palette Pro?

Cheers as ever, Tom

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