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Hi Jamie,

Sure I am aware of that and have an unlimited licence for Gravity Forms :-)

The reason why I would like to use the already integrated contact form of Canvas, is to avoid an extra plugin and be able to provide low budget websites for clients that don’t need a fully cusomizable contactform.

I got the whole form translated using these filters in the themes functions.php:

add_filter(‘gettext’, ‘translate_text’); add_filter(‘ngettext’, ‘translate_text’); function translate_text

($translated) { $translated = str_ireplace(‘Message’, ‘Bericht’, $translated); $translated = str_ireplace

(‘Name’, ‘Naam’, $translated); $translated = str_ireplace(‘Submit comment’, ‘Reageer’, $translated);

$translated = str_ireplace(‘View all posts by’, ‘Bekijk alle berichten van’, $translated); $translated =

str_ireplace(‘No comments yet’, ‘Nog geen reacties’, $translated); $translated = str_ireplace(‘About’, ‘Over’,

$translated);$translated = str_ireplace(‘Solve’, ‘Los op’, $translated); $translated = str_ireplace(‘Search’,

‘Zoeken’, $translated); $translated = str_ireplace(‘Send a copy of this email to yourself’, ‘Stuur een kopie van deze mail naar jezelf’, $translated); return $translated; }

However this does not seem to translate the “submit” button. Even translating it with “Loco translate” does not change that text, and I used this to translate the Sensei plugin so I think I do this correctly.

Could it be this button is not part of the Canvas theme but WP core somehow? One would think not, because it is a Canvas Contact template right?

I thought you might have a quick Canvas trick for this, being the Canvas experts and all, but I might try at Woothemes if you do not know how to get this translated?


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