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Joanna Price

Hi Jamie

Damn that I didn’t see this reply. However I worked it out through lots of research.
I bought the Developer Licence for Gravity Forms allowing me to access the user registration add on. I then created a website registration form using this so that people are logged in and therefore have an ID before they complete an application form.
Then with the stickylist plugin I was able to create a list on the frontend of the site that only showed the entry that particular user had created. From this list they can view, edit and delete their form.
Feeling very pleased with myself!
The developer licence is great as it also allows customers to actually sign the form, imports their details in to a mailchimp list and uploads to dropbox, though still struggling with a glitch in the latter.

Online bookings next…..

Thanks once again for your support. This forum and these tutorials are invaluable.

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