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Chris Miller

Ahh hello there! It seems maybe I had one account for a download I did, and another for academy and I was posting with the wrong one and they werent going thru. But here we are.

I sent this email to you last week….

Hello Jamie,

Let me start by saying that I really enjoy your site and the products
you are currently offering. I have always been a believer in wordpress
but with no CSS experience and knowing little about wordpress, I have
failed miserably at creating sites with it that I truly love.

I’ve spent a lot of money on every wordpress framework out there only
to be disappointed by the fact that i still needed to be a CSS pro to
make a good looking site with them or that support was suddenly
dropped or a product discontinued just as I got comfortable with it.

Thru the years I have found relief in woo themes because they’ve had
themes that always seemed to have the right amount of features to get
me by.

Recently, I ran into a big problem with my host (Bluehost) where all
of my wordpress sites were hacked and the sites were redirecting to
porn and other locations. After much frustration, I gave up on it all.
Deleted my websites, cancelled my accounts and just gave up.

I’ve since started over with a managed wordpress hosting provider so
that I can get my most important site back online.Upon going back to Woothemes to download my theme for
this site (Simplicity) I found it to be gone – discontinued. It was a
major disappointment.

So I have had to start over with my Canvas license. I bought your
Academy, downloaded Pootle page builder and now i am looking at some
of the add ons that may make my life easier. I am also considering one
of your wordpress courses over Skype but maybe when the exchange rates
come down some. haha

I am just at a loss right now. I am no web designer and am really just
bad at making a good looking site with wordpress. I also can’t help
but to feel like I am starting over and building on unstable ground
again. Will we be hacked again? Will canvas and all the pootle
products be discontinued next? It’s all very scary and frustrating.

We have 4 sites to get back online ASAP. I would like to use your
products for them but how do I know support will be here tomorrow? Do
you recommend any courses or help for people like me who are not good
at making the sites look good?

I feel so lost but I want to try one last time….

Thank you

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