Reply To: Arrrgghh – updated canvas and the sky has fallen in

Robin Bennett

Hi Duncan

How is v2.2.10 of Page Builder coming along?

Woothemes sent me back to you for support!! I managed to solve the first issue (o longer pulling through 3 out of the 4 images from featured posts). I am hoping that v2.2.10 of Page Builder will solve the second issue (the excerpt text in the slider is dark grey so can’t be read even though the setting is ffffff). This is only in page builder.

I built a page with a single row added a Woo – component and inserted a magazine slider. I then set the page template to magazine. When I preview I have two slider (weirdly slightly our of sync) but showing the same images. Teh template one has white excerpt text but the page builder one has grey.

What do you think?


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