Reply To: Need a custom plugin or code


Hey Jamie,

found the fix. (Or: I found someone with knowledge in functions and actions in WordPress).

Yes, it was my mistake thinking this forum would be a good place to get help in solving problems related to coding in WordPress and Woothemes Canvas.

Duncan told me (after I asked this: “It seems that is not possible to include php into the hook system of Canvas… Any idea who could help making this possible?”):

“If you are not a member, this is exactly the kind of question that being a member of the Academy is about. Please consider joining here: Our members tell us that the Support Forum is very useful to them.”

So I joined but I do have to say it is not as helpful as it was suggested. I expected a more busy talk around here and faster replies. No offense ment, I am happy with the input & the help I get from you Jamie, just expected something else in here.


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