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G Ainsley

Thank you for the response.

The code below is from the Academy. (It’s slightly different). The code you sent just now is what I remember but it’s not working -it used to.

It’s frustrating as whenever I update frameworks etc you seem to lose the little formatting tweaks.

Kind regards,


From Academy:-

Reduce space between Primary Navigation Menu and Slider

#navigation {

margin-bottom: 1em;


The code in the Custom CSS is as below. I’ve tried putting it in both sections.

Add styles beneath this line that you want to be applied across your entire site */

#navigation {

margin-bottom: 0px;


Add styles inside the media query below that you only want to be applied to the desktop layout of your site */
@media only screen and (min-width: 768px) {
/* Desktop styles go below this line */

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