Reply To: Help with image sizing inside Canvas websites


Yes Jaimie this does make sense. Although this is where I get confused as you are saying 1000 pixels wide for a full width site but I have seen larger written down as a full width site….I have even been told for my other business website (which is not a wordpress site) that I have to use 1200 Pixels. I have even read that I should be using up to 3000Pixels to take into account all the various screen sizes????

So YES It would be great to have a tutorial on this as I have spent weeks asking my associates and everyone seams to give different answers but the underlying thing is always …well it depends on the size of your site… which is understandable but I am trying to work out what sizing I should have considering the different types of screens available now and the different types of photos and graphics that can be used…..and I do understand the differences between files types and when to use which.
I just have spent weeks trying to work out what size I should be putting blog photos onto my site at and trying to work out how big I can go up to. What size I should be using for the canvas slider????

My other question now is that shouldn’t Woo Canvas have a standard sizing given that we are all dealing with the same screen sizes out there???
Or am I just not getting it?

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