Reply To: How to install a wordpress site onto an existing site

Austin Mckinlay

HI Jamie

Hope you are well. Ive just seen your video on installing wordpress for an existing site – but i cant find it now. Can you send me a link?

Im going to start building my new site. Ive checked (and you may remember this) my temp url link is already taken. so for me to install a new site do you still recommend the following or is there a better method now?

1) create a new url – for example
2) using xtend in heart install wordpress on to teh tempporary url associated with that name – in my case
3) build the site there and then follow your video to change the dns a records of my site to that – plus the other steps in your video?


does this mean i have to host the too? as well as (my original site?

will this make seo less efficient

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