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No not really.
Hard code sounds.. hard.
Who makes the custom menu widget?

For once I think of something not already done to death.
Im surprised there is no easy way to manipulate posts around various pages.

With regards the Foxlowe website. The foxlowe put on lots of different kinds of events.
So knitting classes to live bands, all different kinds of art displays and workshops. The list is massive.
They were using an event plugin called ‘events’ by timely. I find this clunky and ugly as hell. I want to promote the various foxlowe events via posts. I can write much more with a post and include multiple images and video clips.
I fancy a random magazine layout similar to Woo Themes ‘Jotter’ for my posts with these event posts having there own sub menu so I can view only ‘cinema’ events or what ever the category might be.

Come on Jamie, tell me this is all already available and send me a link and how to video :)

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