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Thanks, watched the tutorial and all is a lot clearer :)

So I can now have a page showing which ever post category I like or multiples. Thats sorted :)
Now what I would like is for the posts from one category to show up on a page in a double column but not one column per category. 1 page, 1 category but appearing spread out over my page in 2 columns or 3 if were feeling flash.

Is this possible?

I have a menu tab showing ‘X’ posts and these posts are in a single column showing a thumbnail image and an excerpt of text. Perfecto-mondo this all looks brill.
It would be ideal then if my next menu tab that shows ‘Y’ posts appeared slightly differently. So if these posts showed on the page in 2 columns it would be different on the eye and you would know your on a different tab.
I wouldnt want all my menu pages all showing posts in the same way, that would be boring and silly.

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