Reply To: column styling

Kimberly Ferrell

I would like to do what your site has done bu making the three columns a little tighter cohesive unit. I would have thought creating a child theme and changing the CSS there would be sufficient. I can change a fair bit, color, padding, add rules; but cannot adjust the margins to prevent the third column bumping below. Right now I’m stuck with large margins. I took off some of the styling so the client could see a rough draft of content but You can view that rough site at:

If I have to buy the page builder (in addition to the academy fee and the menu customizer) then I guess I have to do that. But I have been able to control margins with my child theme before?

I did use a different “child theme wizard” plug in this time, instead of the one-click child theme. But I would not think that to be an issue?

Thank you.

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