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Introducing the new WooCommerce Product Block

This week we released an update to our Storefront Blocks plugin that adds a new block called the Product Block. The Product Block let's you customize the layout of WooCommerce products and then insert them anywhere. Here's a few examples of how you might use the Product Block. Create full width and full height product blocks, which would be great for landing pages Add multiple blocks into a page so […]

Introducing the Caxton Layout Block for Gutenberg

This week we released a big update to our free Gutenberg based plugin Caxton. Caxton is a collection of blocks including, a Layout Block, Post Grid block, a Slider block, a Button block, a Social Icon block, and a Text Customizer block. 

How to set the size of your Storefront Pro sliders so they don’t crop (whatever the device)

Storefront Pro home page sliders are by default set to 'cover'. This means that whatever text you put over them, the text won't fall outside of the image behind it. This is especially important when being viewed on a mobile phone. Here's an explanation on why it's best practice to set background images to cover. If we don't set background images to cover then this will happen. The image isn't […]

How to customize the WooCommerce Product Page

Would you like to change the layout of your WooCommerce Product Pages? Editing the WooCommerce Product Page is now super easy. Just drag and drop the various WooCommerce Product elements to where you would like them to appear and completely customize the layout of your WooCommerce Products.

How to upgrade to Storefront Pro Skins version 1

Storefront Pro Skins version 2 saves your Storefront Pro customizations to the Pootle Cloud. Version 2 is being released on Friday 27th April, 2018, and here's instructions on the best way to upgrade to the latest version and keep your existing skins.

What’s new in 18tags Pro 2.2

We've just released a new version of 18tags Pro that includes some really exiting functionality, including more options to customize the new home page hero.

Introducing the ‘homepage hero’ for Storefront Pro

Version 5.5 of Storefront Pro is a major update and comes with an exciting new Homepage Hero option. This lets you transform your homepage with a single click. The new Homepage Hero setting lets you create four different kinds of beautiful layouts. 

Sneak Peek: The posts slider for 18tags Pro

One of the things I loved most about the Woothemes Canvas theme was it’s in-built magazine template. This includes a lovely post slider where you could select which posts to feature. So coming soon is the new Posts Slider for 18tags Pro and we’ve made it incredibly easy to implement.

Woothemes Canvas is no longer being developed

Woothemes Canvas is no longer being developedHow we migrated to a new theme  We received confirmation this week that WooThemes Canvas is no longer being developed and that WooCommerce (formally WooThemes) are advising customers to start looking at moving their sites across to a new theme.  My assumption is that this spells the end for Canvas. It's been a great theme, but it's time to move on.  From Woo Support:"Regarding […]

WooCommerce Storefront template blocks

Version 5 of Pootle Pagebuilder Pro includes pre-built template blocks, including a few specifically built for WooCommerce Storefront. This post shows you examples and how to use them on your website.

PootleCloud for pootle pagebuilder – sneak peek video

Here's a very very early first look at something we are developing for Pootle Pagebuilder Pro customers. PootleCloud will let you save your designs to the cloud so that you can reuse them, either on the website you are working on, or any website that you choose :)

Introducing Storefront Pro SalesPop

We've just launched Storefront Pro SalesPop, a free add on module for Storefront Pro customers that displays real time notifications of recent orders on your WooCommerce Storefront website.

Pagebuilder LiveStyle – sneak peek video

This is one of the most exciting updates that we've ever released. Pootle Pagebuilder LiveStyle will give you instant, realtime previews of all your design changes. Here's a video that shows you how it works.