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Pootle page builder tutorials

PootleCloud for pootle pagebuilder – sneak peek video

Here's a very very early first look at something we are developing for Pootle Pagebuilder Pro customers. PootleCloud will let you save your designs to the cloud so that you can reuse them, either on the website you are working on, or any website that you choose :)

What’s new in Pootle Pagebuilder 4

We've just released version 4 of Pootle Pagebuilder and here's what's new. The major change is we've improved how row / content block settings are made.

Pagebuilder LiveStyle – sneak peek video

This is one of the most exciting updates that we've ever released. Pootle Pagebuilder LiveStyle will give you instant, realtime previews of all your design changes. Here's a video that shows you how it works.

Full screen websites with Pootle Pagebuilder

Full screen websites with Pootle Pagebuilder In the next release of Pootle Pagebuilder (coming soon) we are introducing a new setting that will let you create a full screen row, so whatever the size of the screen the row will cover the full height. This can create some stunning effects :) Here'

Introducing the Business Pack for Pootle Pagebuilder Pro

Here's a look at the new Business Pack that comes as FREE with Pootle Pagebuilder Pro. The business Pack includes a number of new drag and drop modules. Modules included, number counter, accordian, tabs, testimonials and maps.

How to create a photo carousel

How to create a photo carousel Here's a video tutorial that shows you how to create a great looking photo carousel for your website using Pootle Pagebuilder Pro.

How to make your text pop

How to make your textPOP Here's a nice and easy way to make text pop on your pages - using Pootle Pagebuilder

WooCommerce Builder – sneak peek video

WooCommerce Builder for Pootle Pagebuilder ProThe 'Drag and Drop' page builder for WooCommerce UPDATE! WOOCOMMERCE BUILDER IS NOW AVAILABLE - CLICK HERE TO READ MORE Here's a sneak peek video of our upcoming WooCommerce builder for Pootle Pagebuilder Pro. The aim of WooCommerce Builder is to make it

How to set up your WordPress home page

Here's a nice easy way to set up your WordPress home page. This short video tutorial shows you how to add a banner across the top, icons and features, and blog posts.

Introducing Pootle Slider

Pootle Slider provides you full control over each slider create columns, add buttons, background images, backgrounds videos and lot more! Poole slider allows full control over slides, powered by Pootle Pagebuilder it converts page builder rows to slides, offering advanced control over each slide!

5 pro design ideas for your WordPress pages

5 pro design ideas for your WordPress pages Pootle Pagebuilder was recently ranked in the top 3 page builders by WordPress guru Pippin Williamson. And version 3.5 of Pootle Pagebuilder is our biggest update yet. Here's 5 simple tips that will help you create amazing loo

Pixel perfect control comes to Pootle Pagebuilder

 Pixel perfect control comes to Pootle Pagebuilder One of my aims with Pootle Pagebuilder is to give you the same level of design capability that you already have with desktop publishing. The video below shows you two more improvements we are making; the ability to drag content anywhere wi

Drag and drop ‘easy build’ modules for WordPress

 Say hello to drag and drop 'easy build' modules for WordPress Here's a few videos showing you the new 'easy build' modules now available in Pootle Pagebuilder.  'Easy build' Modules can be dropped anywhere into a page or a post and make it even easier to create great looking pages an

The Pootle Pagebuilder showcase

Pootle Pagebuilder showcase websites When we develop a new product here in the Pootle Shed, we have a vision of how it's going to help people achieve the type of website they want.  Knowing that we're helping our customers to reach their own vision is what drives us. And so it's really lov