Learn WooCommerce in 1 day

How to create your own online shop

6th June, 2016, Birmingham


This 1 day training course will teach you how to build and maintain an ecommerce store with the free WordPress plugin, WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is now the World’s leading ecommerce software – it’s been downloaded over 12 million times.

With a little knowledge and training you can now set up your own online store. No coding or technical knowledge is needed. As long as you can use a computer you will be able to build your own online store!

Price: just £175 + VAT


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woocommerce training course

Course joining instructions

  • Time 10am – 2pm
  • Please note that you will need to bring a laptop (PC or Mac) as the course is ‘hands-on’
  • Attendees get their own WordPress site (hosted on our servers) to learn on during the day and for 1 year after the course
  • All attendees get electronic copies of the training materials used throughout the day
  • All attendees get ‘step by step’ video tutorials of the course
  • Ideally you should have some experience of using WordPress at a basic level to undertake this course. Please see our Learn WordPress in 1 day course if you need basic WordPress training.

Venue details

Comfort Inn Birmingham

Comfort Inn,

Station Street,
City Centre

B5 4DY


WooCommerce introduction

  • A brief overview of why WooCommerce is now the World’s leading ecommerce framework for websites.
  • A quick explanation of key WooCommerce terms – e.g themes, extensions.

How to install and set up WooCommerce correctly

  • How install WooCommerce
  • How to set up your store
  • How to configure your key shop pages  – e.g shop, my account, checkout
  • Some key system settings to check so that your store will run smoothly

How to add products to your store

  • How to set up and sell physical products – e.g shoes
  • How to set up and sell virtual products – e.g ebooks, subscriptions
  • How to set up product variations – e.g size, colour
  • How to set up grouped products
  • How to set up product galleries
  • How to categorise products
  • How to order products on your catalogue pages
  • How to set up sales on products
  • How to offer coupon discounts on products
  • How to set up featured products
  • How to monitor and moderate product reviews
  • How to set up related products
  • How to cross sell products

How to design your store

  • How to configure the front page
  • How to configure your catalogue pages
  • How to use WooCommerce shortcodes to add products to posts and pages
  • How to make sure your product images are the correct resolution – i.e not fuzzy
  • How to choose a good theme for your ecommerce WordPress website
  • How to add WooCommerce widgets to your store

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation and WooCommerce

  • How to ensure your store is optimised for Google
  • How to add social sharing options to your store

 How to set up your payment options

  • How to configure your store payment options – e.g credit card, bacs, cheque
  • How to configure your store payment gateway – e.g linking your store to your Paypal account
  • How to use Paypal xpress
  • How to test orders with Paypal sandbox
  • How to optimise the checkout process so you get more sales

How to set up shipping costs

  • How to create prices for shipping
  • How to set up free shipping based on value
  • How to set up local and international shipping

WooCommerce reports and accounting

  • An explanation of key WooCommerce reports
  • How to manage orders
  • How to create reports
  • How to link your store to your Accounting software

WooCommerce extensions

  • An explanation of WooCommerce extensions
  • A look at 5 of the best WooCommerce extensions
[box type=”note”]Following this training course, you will be able to:[/box]
  • Create an online store with WooCommerce
  • Sell products online
  • Take payment
  • Change the design of your store
  • Understand reporting
  • Fully understand how to change every element of your store

Learn WooCommerce in 1 day 1

Course tutor

The WooCommerce training course is run by me Jamie Marsland. I’m the founder of Pootlepress. PootlePress are passionate about WordPress. We’ve trained over 2500 people on WordPress in the past 3 years, we have over 950 members to our online training Academy and our plugins are used by thousands of customers worldwide.


Learn WooCommerce in 1 day 2Jason Capra, Board Account Director, AMV BBDO
Great guy and great teacher. I would highly recommend Jamie’s Pootlepress One Day Training Day course. It was comprehensive, informative and great value for money. I came away from the day having learnt invaluable skills taking me from a relative beginner to building my own website, all in one day. Thank you again Jamie.


Learn WooCommerce in 1 day 3Oscar Monteiro, IT Programme Office Manager, Hackney Borough Council
Recently completed Jamie’s WordPress 1 day course. It blew my mind – and I’ve been in IT all my professional life. I was amazed at what WordPress is capable of – within minutes we were creating websites! Jamie is an excellent teacher; his friendly approach and encyclopedic knowledge really helps his students learn.


Learn WooCommerce in 1 day 4John Davy – Managing Director, Jongleurs Comedy Clubs
Jamie is an absolute star in WordPress training, he is patient and a real expert. In one days training I had a fully functional beautiful WordPress site..Book him, he is a real WordPress pro


Learn WooCommerce in 1 day 5Steve White, Police Inspectors Rep, Police Federation
Pootlepress shows just how easy managing and building a website can now be. Manageable knowledge yet a huge amount of website power is the end result of the one day course. Money very well spent in my view giving me the ability to comprehensively manage a site but also giving me the tools and ability to build a new one from scratch.


Learn WooCommerce in 1 day 6Tally Wade, Editor, Western Horse UK
Pretty much everything I needed to know to get a professional, optimised and money earning web presence in less than six hours. I have spent thousands on websites in the past and had no idea that with WordPress, and some good coaching, I could be the master of my own online universe. Thanks Jamie.


Learn WooCommerce in 1 day 7Peter Cliffe, Quality Assurance Manager, Unilever PLC
Thank you for the WordPress course, it was excellent. I looked at various other companies offering similar courses, but I chose Pootlepress because of Jamie’s background and experience in the industry. My choice was well-founded as Jamie was able to add value beyond the basic training by recommending plug-ins based upon real experience, suggest themes and explain how to optimise Google ranking amongst other things. Excellent value, and great professionalism.


Learn WooCommerce in 1 day 8Gavin Barker, Information Officer, Southampton City Council
Like many people in local government, the Big Society agenda and the rapid rise of social media presented me with a pressing need to develop the skills and understanding to ride this new wave. WordPress kept coming up as a widely used tool for both blogging and website development. I felt that Jamie delivered exactly what I wanted; he didnt just show you what could be done; with his guidance you actually went ahead and built a basic website in a day. If you want an intensive, hands-on one day course that gives you the grounding to build a credible social networking website- this is it.


Learn WooCommerce in 1 day 9Meredith Mullooly
After working as a photographer for more then 10 years I finally have a website. I thought of websites as expensive, confusing to manage and riddled with gliches and bugs.

After learning about wordpress from a friend I decided to attend the Pootlepress 1 day wordpress course.

I walked into the workshop a complete novice 6 hours later I left confident that I could finally have a website!

I’m blown away by how simple it is to build and manage your own website using wordpress. A month later I completed a professional looking website that I can mantain myself without the expense, confusion and bugs.”


Learn WooCommerce in 1 day 10Kashmira Jhaveri, graphic designer, Ant Design Gifts
Being a graphic designer, I have the knowledge of design but only a basic knowledge on how to build a website. I have previously tested out various template based web packages and found them too restrictive.

When I heard that WordPress was a great platform in which to build websites, I got hold of some books and tried to teach myself. No success! So when I came across
Pootlepress I thought this is the best way in which to get to grips with teaching myself the workings of WordPress.

It was the best decision I made! In one day, I understood the framework on the workings of WordPress.

Jamie has a logical and systematic approach to teaching and this gave me the confidence to design
and create my website and blog. I now have a fully functioning site which I know I can develop as needs arise.

I would highly recommend Pootlepress – a cost effective way in which to set up your website quickly without
too much heartache!


Learn WooCommerce in 1 day 11Graham Ramage, Northedge Design
Coming from a traditional graphic design background I have dabbled with various HTML authoring packages but had never found one that would allow me to easily create websites that my clients could update for themselves.

After attending a 1 Day WordPress training courses with Jamie in Edinburgh I left with the knowledge of how to easily build and mange dynamic website utilising WordPress.

As my knowledge of WordPress and CSS increases I have been delighted with the quality of web sites I have been able to create.


Learn WooCommerce in 1 day 12Giles Brake, Head of Marketing, MSI Global Alliance (MSI)
Jamie’s crystal clear explanation of the nuts and bolts of WordPress provides novices and those who may have dabbled previously with the foundations and confidence they need to get a site up and running in no time. It really is possible to learn WordPress in a day, but you do need an expert with high level knowledge, and of course bags of patience. Jamie’s approach and course content makes him stand out in this field and leaves you chomping at the bit to get going with WordPress.


Learn WooCommerce in 1 day 13Lucy Irving
Pootlepress is great! Not only can you do a one day course in wordpress. Jamie, will also come to your house and set up a website in less than a day at a very reasonable price. They had found a necessary gap in the market to help start up companies and individuals realise their dreams with wordpress.

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