Sticky Nav Change Log

[box style=”info”]Sticky Nav has now been included as features inside Menu Customizer! Therefore it is no longer for sale. Check out Menu Customizer for Canvas. Sticky Nav will still be supported for customers who have purchased it.[/box]


14.10.2016 – Version 1.2.5
* Tweak – Licensing Code

15.06.2015 – Version 1.2.4

Fix – issue with nav location

23.04.2015 – Version 1.2.3

Fix – full footer issue
Fix – safari compatability
Fix – alignment issue when layout set to 980px

23.12.2014 – Version 1.2.2

Tweak – new add option method to add Sticky Nav heading in Canvas settings area
Fix – issue with Revolution Slider
Fix – style element causing errors

29.10.2014 – Version 1.2.1

Fix – nav width in box layout
Fix – top nav goes under primary nav
Fix – mobile menu

v1.2 – ability to update within WordPress

v1.1.3 – bug fixes for mobile menu and menu pack

v1.1.2 – Fix mobile menu panel and add woo_options_add checking

v1.1.1 – Fix Sticky nav navbar width (and auto margins) in full-width layout, issue #10

v1.1.0 – Fix Sticky nav left margin in full-width layout, issue #10

v1.0.10 – Fix Sticky nav shifting left and right on scroll, issue #10

v1.0.9 – Fix Sticky nav jumping to the right in full width, issue #10

v1.0.8 – Fix “Weird statement at the bottom of pages . . .”, issue #11

v1.0.7 – Fix Right border of primary nav disappearing on boxed layout

v1.0.6 – Fix bug with sticky nav displaying above lightboxes and modal boxes

v1.0.5 – Fix bug when sticky not working above 960px

v1.0.4 – Fix issue with business slider full-width bug

v1.0.3 – Fix issue with mobile nav on desktop resize

v1.0.2 – Fix issue with mobile nav and business slider

v1.0.1 – Fix issue with compatibility with Align Menu Right plugin on mobile nav

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