Logo Inside Nav Change Log

[box style=”info”]Logo Inside Nav has now been included as a feature inside Menu Customizer! Therefore it is no longer for sale. Check out Menu Customizer for Canvas.[/box]


14.10.2016 – Version 1.4.1
* Tweak – Licensing Code

24.04.2015 – Version 1.4
* Tweak – remove clone warning error
* Fix – compatibility issue with Mobile Menu Manager
* Fix – cart icon
* Fix – issue when in mobile view
* Fix – menu divider inconsistency

27.11.2013 – Version 1.3
* New – now works with Top Nav and primary nav remains
* Tweak – remove notification about top nav
* Tweak – new add option method for option heading in Canvas dashboard
* Fix – error messages and styling issues

1.2.2 – Fix mobile menu order of top and primary navs / fix php error message

1.2.1 – compatibility with horizontal sub menu extension

v1.2 – ability to update within WordPress

v1.1.8 – made logo not jumpy

v1.1.7 – Fix unicode problem + update image function

v1.1.6 – Fix padding on first and third section, make logo appear front

v1.1.5 – Solve logo width incorrect when page initially in mobile view

v1.1.4 – fix logo positioning on some sites

v1.1.3 – fix css for the submenu items, fix logo in mobile view and check for woo_add_options hook

v1.1.2 – compatibility with Font Awesome Menus Canvas Extension

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