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Julian von Gebhardi | Germany

Julian von Gebhardi | Germany 1

Customer name: Julian von Gebhardi From: Germany About Julian:  After a 3 month stay in South East Asia and witnessing the ever-increasing environmental impact of plastic waste, Julian returned to Germany with a determined fire in in his belly to bring about change in his home country.  He decided to create ‘Laguna’, a non-plastic onlinestore which aims to reduce …

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Paul Pruneau | California

Paul Pruneau | California 2

Customer name: Paul Pruneau From: California, US About Paul:  Paul is the founder of TeamworksCom creating integrated online and content marketing solutions for early stage companies. Paul and Pootlepress: Paul’s recent project with CorStone really caught our eye here at Pootlepress.  CorStone develops and provides personal resilience programs to improve well-being for youth worldwide. Their focus is on adolescent …

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Leigh Olson | Seattle

Leigh Olson | Seattle 3

Customer name: Leigh Olson From: Seattle, US About Leigh:  Leigh is a food photographer and recipe developer with a passion for local, seasonal ingredients, small batch and artisan products, farmers markets and the occasional glass of wine – or two. Leigh and Pootlepress: Leigh’s website is a portfolio of her food photography work. It is very simple, but needed …

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Jennifer Carello | Connecticut

Jennifer Carello | Connecticut 4

Customer name: Jennifer Carello From: Connecticut, US About Jennifer: Jennifer owns Techcare – a US-based, female run web development agency. She specializes in building easy to navigate, beautiful, and SEO optimized sites on the WordPress platform. Jennifer and Pootlepress: Jennifer likes to use Pootle Pagebuilder as it gives her the flexibility to style out Woothemes Canvas as she desires and create some …

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Bruno Freitas (aka Bfrema) | Brazil

Bruno Freitas (aka Bfrema) | Brazil 5

Customer name: Bruno Freitas (aka Bfrema) From: Brazil About Bfrema: Bfrema is a visual artist based on São Paulo, Brasil.  Bfrema and Pootlepress: Bfrema uses Woocommerce as a platform to sell his art and since he discovered Storefront Pro, he’s able to easily setup the visual of his store like a boss – meaning he can get back to living the dream. …

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