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[box type=”alert”]Canvas Page Builder Version 2.2.x is a MAJOR update and includes (among other things) an improved Visual Editor widget which may effect your content. So please follow the instructions below.

Step 1 – Please see the Change Log for information on changes. (If you are updating from version 0.9 you will need to make sure you remove the Pootle Text/Visual editor as it is now included in Page Builder).

Step 2 – Back up your site and have your FTP details handy before making a major update to any plugin! If possible we recommend testing on a dev or staging server first.

Step 3 – make sure Canvas and WooFramework are up to date (Canvas 5.9 and WooFramework 6.1.0)

Step 4 – click ‘update’ inside your WordPress dashboard plugin area.

Step 5 – thoroughly test everything is working correctly. If it is not, please roll back to the backup you made and contact support. If everything is fine, then you’re done!


1. Installing Canvas Page Builder

2. Adding content using widgets

3. Rows & columns

4. Canvas Page Settings

5. Pootle Visual Editor widget & shortcodes

6. Padding and margins

Global padding for widgets can be found under Canvas > Settings > Canvas Extensions > Page Builder widgets. This sets the padding for EVERY WIDGET top/bottom and left/right.

Padding can now also be set PER WIDGET using the widget ‘styling’ options. Hover over each widget and click styling. This will ‘add to’ any global widget padding you have set.

Global margins for widgets can be found under Settings > Page Builder > Display. This sets margins for EVERY WIDGET.

You can also turn disable the bottom row margin for each row under Row styling settings per row.

To color the whole background now you can do this on a row level or widget level. For rows, click the paint brush icon next to each row to open the row styling and set the background color option. This will fill the whole row. For widgets, hover over each widget and click styling. Set the background color for that individual widget (widget background color can also be set for EVERY widget in Canvas > Settings > Canvas Extensions > Page Builder widgets).

7. Fonts

Mainly the font settings in Canvas Page Builder are set using the Misc Font settings in Canvas Theme Settings.

There are 2 exceptions to this. From version 1 the Page Builder widget options under Canvas Settings > Canvas Extensions > Page Builder Widgets set the paragraph text (widget text) and Heading 3 (wigdet title).

As well as this you can use the Custom Typography shortcode in Canvas. More information on this can be found here.

2 thoughts on “Canvas Page Builder Help”

  1. I purchased 2.1.1 in 2014 but never used it. I’m trying to get into my account to get the new one, but your site says it can’t find my email address.
    I suppose I can purchase Pagebuilder Pro…. But at this point, I’m wondering if Canvas is just too limited. I’m really struggling with it for what I’d like to do. So maybe it’s time to just go with another theme with a built-in builder?

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