Announcing Genesis Page Builder

Announcing Genesis Page Builder 2

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After the successful launch of our Page Builder for WooThemes Canvas earlier this year, we wanted to create another product that you’d love just as much.

The positive feedback we got inspired us to take everything that’s good about Canvas Page Builder and apply it to another bestselling theme.

Enter Genesis Page Builder…

We want to keep investing in our Page Builder and to do this we want to push out beyond Canvas. Looking at the theme market, Genesis is an obvious choice. It’s still the most popular premium theme framework. We also know many of our customers already use Canvas and Genesis for projects.

10 really cool features you’ll get with Genesis Page Builder

  1. Page Builder options baked into Genesis settings with new options for Page Builder widgets in the WordPress customizer.
  2. A fully functional visual editor widget with all the power of the WordPress editor.
  3. An advanced post loop widget with every conceivable option for making posts look great.
  4. Row level styling including background colors that can take rgba colors (for opacity), background images, fixed heights and more.
  5. Widget level styling so that background colors, borders and padding can be adjusted on a widget level.
  6. Ability to set full width pages but keep row content to the width of the site (great for long scrolling pages and one pager sites)
  7. Choose which widgets are available (great if you have clients who may get easily overwhelmed or confused)
  8. All the widgets that come with Genesis now work without any errors.
  9. Supported to work with Genesis Child Themes.
  10. Premium email support by people who have built tons of Genesis sites and know it inside out.

All this boils down to our vision that if you’re a Genesis user, you’re going to have a much better experience with our Genesis Page Builder than a generic one.

All of the above features gives Genesis users a level of creative flexibility that would not have been possible in a Page Builder designed for all themes – it’s going to be really exciting to see what you come up with.

The advantages of a dedicated Page Builder for Genesis

There are two main reasons a premium Page Builder for Genesis is going to be awesome.

1) Better experience. By tailoring everything around Genesis we are able to offer more features that are highly integrated into the theme.

2) Premium Support. When you purchase Genesis Page Builder it will come supported by people who know, love and use Genesis every day.

I want it! When’s it coming out?

Genesis Page Builder is being launched in December 2014. If you want to be notified when the beta comes out next month, please sign up here.

Any questions or comments, pop them in the comments below.

1 thought on “Announcing Genesis Page Builder”

  1. Hi Nick,

    I’m not a Genesis user (I started with Canvas and haven’t had a need to look elsewhere), but I’m excited that you are developing for it. Who knows where things could lead and what clients may require Genesis.

    I’m excited and hopeful that as each plugin is developed that it sparks ideas and brings features to the other, whether Canvas or Genesis.

    That being said, are there any features that won’t work in the other, or are they essentially the same feature-wise?


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