Taming monsters…WordPress

Customize every design element of your WordPress website with the 18 tags theme from Pootlepress.

Here at Pootle HQ we believe that building a website shouldn’t be scary. We like to imagine a world where anyone – regardless of their technical ability – can create a beautiful WordPress website.  Imagine if you could easily customize the design of your website. Imagine if you could build beautiful pages in minutes.

We think building a WordPress website should be fun and creative. That’s why we’ve built 18tags. 18tags is a highly flexible, mobile friendly WordPress theme.

We’ve spent 100’s of hours building this for you, so we really hope you’ll love it.

wilson and pootle
Wilson and Pootle (read their story)

Live theme customizer

Built in support for Pagebuilders

Beautiful design customizations at your fingertips…here’s a few examples


More 18tags pro features

How to add social media icons and contact information

How to create mega menus

How to customize fonts

How to customize your blog

How to customize individual pages

18 tags supports page builders

How to customize the footer

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